Movement in C presents


Salma Allam Dance Theater


The show:


“I must hold myself accountable for not being open, which is what I falsely prided myself on.” When it’s not so clear who you are, you live in a fused, in-between world. Picking apart and glueing pieces together that would not usually fit, until it becomes something entirely different. And what if after this, you no longer knew where your truth was? And then you judged those who did not make up the same collage as you, because you thought they were judging you. Lost and confused a new journey emerges to find peace with the pieces. DiverCity is about a Canadian born Muslim living in America reflecting on her judgements and how she got here, incorporating dance with script work a new world based on an existing one emerges. The bottom line: don’t we live in one world together?


Cast:  Salma Allam, Elly Mandarakas, Danita Shaheen, & Kara Walsh. Voiceover: Rory B. Gardner, & Amiratulsharq.

Script & Choreography: Salma Allam


When: Saturday, April 29th 2017 at 7:30 pm (doors open @ 7:00pm) at The Brooklyn Music School, Where: Brooklyn Music School Playhouse: 126 Saint Felix Street btw Hanson Pl. & Lafayette Ave Tickets:

Online: $10 click here!

$20 (Cash Only) at the door.