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Movement in C 

proudly presents "Original Love?"

Thursday, May 5th 2016, & Friday, May 6th 2016

7:30 pm (doors open @ 7:00pm)

The Brooklyn Music School,

126 Saint Felix Street

btw Hanson Pl. & Lafayette Ave


Tickets are $10 online - Click Here 

$20 (Cash Only) at the door.


This show is made possible by the support of The Brooklyn Music School & Playhouse.



Most of us have loved, searched for love, given up on love, loved love, and hated love. This journey is not linear, it weaves, it reflects, it moves forward, and it looks back. In one night, two-pieces explore different relationships with love. On one hand we’ve lost love, and can’t get away, on the other, we search, we get down, and dig. In both these pieces, love drives action, love drives emotion, love is in charge.  As humans, there is something in us that needs another half, this search isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t always feel good, but there is always something to learn.  With that all said: We are doing it again! Movement in C is in the process of putting up another season! Two nights of original works. Both Salma Allam & Cathy Richards are reviving favorite pieces to share with you:


Roses on the Floor cast:  Salma Allam, Elly Mandarakas, Christina Neubrand, Cathy Richards, & Kara Walsh. Voiceover: Dustin Alan Ingram (Script & Choreography by Salma Allam).


H.A.L.T cast: Salma Allam, Dustin Alan Ingram, Cathy Richards, and Melanie Sullivan (Script & Choreography by Cathy Richards).


Movement in C is a collaborative organization that seeks to inspire individuals from all walks of life.  Dance being the primary source of inspiration while utilizing other mediums to push the boundaries of our visions, including but not limited to writing, visual and digital media, music and beyond. Home of both CV Projects and Salma Allam Dance Theater, the base company is dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities of the performing arts and bringing a unique experience to the audience.


The Brooklyn Music School views art as an essential part of basic education and a means by which individuals connect with that unique part of themselves. We make available access to the performing arts regardless of income, age, previous experience, or professional aspirations. In particular, we seek to help those whose artistic voices are least often heard.