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Family time sometimes equals too much fuel! I am sure we can all relate to being over fed. When visiting family it is really easy to get comfortable in over eating and food comas! It’s just all so good, and "I am on vacay!" Indulge and enjoy, but what I am relearning on this trip home is to remember how you want to feel. Is that extra serving really a good idea? Temporary happiness is fun, but long term is better. Be satisfied, maybe enjoy a little extra, but remember that this is probably not going to be your last opportunity to try whatever it is in front of you. Scared of coming off rude and refusing food? Well remember an important H 2 H is looking out for you. And remember pack those workout clothes so you can stay on track. Don’t need to do your full workout if time doesn’t permit, but a little here and there goes a long way! I've beed doing 20 mins of cardio every couple of days, while alternating the rest of my workout! The point here is to feel good, and when your insides are taken care of your beauty comes out! Happy Youing! S

What is fun for some (skydiving, bungee jumping, deep sea diving) is terrifying for another (me). I wanted to bond with my fiancé's family this weekend, but I was really scared of getting on their boat. Seems simple. However, my fear of depth, height, dark murky waters, and the creatures that visit is our scariest dreams was very real. My H 2 H this week is courage. Realizing that my mind is a powerful thing. Deep breaths. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. It suddenly made sense, coupled with my desire to get to know my new family better. So I allowed myself to be afraid and tackled the fears one at a time. Step 1: I slowly lowered myself into the murky water. Tested it out to make sure I was still ok. Once the fear of depth was gone...- Step 2: got on and off the boat. That works. No more fear of falling into the water! Step 3. Had a fantastic time. An open mind and heart can lead to beautiful experiences. What fears will you conquer this week?

Happy Conquering


Did you know that The Chopra Center has some really great and simple to follow online guided meditations? Happy Zening! S & C

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