Save Your Skin and Pennies

Dry skin no more! Even in summer my skin needs a little more TLC than most lotions provide. That's why I am in love with The Body Shop body butters! With a variety of scents, you can't go wrong. My skin is never as smooth and soft with anything else. Give it a try, you won't regret it! Happy Buttering! S

As artists we are always on a strict budget and looking for the next best deal. As much as I complain that NYC is oh so expensive, it also has its perks. 2 things that I discovered this week: First awesome find: Free financial counseling. Credit is everything in the offers free classes and better yet free one on one financial counseling and credit repair advice. I met with a counselor this week who helped look at my credit report, create a budget, and start to plan for a stable future. I have another appointment with her in September and can see her as long as I need it.

Second amazing discovery: IDNYC!! Marketed to the general public as a way for everyone to be able to have an NYC ID card, including immigrants, homeless people, but also anyone who already has an ID card or drivers license. And with your IDNYC comes the offer of tons of free memberships to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, zoos, discounts to Broadway shows, and so much more. I recommend that everyone make use of the free things that the city has to offer. Let us know how you did with your entertainment budget.

Happy Budgeting,


Did you know that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning has a ton of benefits? Happy Hydrating! S & C

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