Dance Dance Dance

Fueling my life means fueling my art! My H 2 H for this show week is my Snowball (Blue Snowball USB Microphone available at multiple stores). More often than not I have text as a part of my choreography. My Snowball mic has gotten me through years of clear voiceovers. It plugs straight in and is immediately accessible in garage band! Be heard! Happy Dancing, S


Need music? There are so many ways to go about getting it. From listening on Pandora, searching the latest fad on YouTube, sharing playlist on Spotify, buying from iTunes, and so on and so forth. For performance and easy music sharing my H 2 H is Amazon Music. The songs are often cheaper, and you can easily move them between devices and share them with others. In a world where technology is supposed to make things easier, it's nice when things are actually simple; where I can relax and enjoy the music.

Happy Dancing,



Did you know waking up a little early and getting a work out in can help reduce your stress for the day? Early thirty, happy day!

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