Deva's and Driving

A curly girls travel H 2 H, Deva girl hair products. So many times have I sat up at 1am before traveling to squeeze hair products into tiny containers only to lose half of it dripping down the side. Waste no more: time or product. Deva curls is one of my favorite hair products made for curly hair girls. Everything you need to have that oh so fresh bounce in your step. So many lie. But the Deva does not! Happy Devaing! S


Need one last great escape from the city? Let Avis be your H 2 H car rental of choice. I recently discovered that they have a comparatively cheaper day rate than others, allows for a different drop off location, and has excellent customer care. My rental was super easy and the trip stress free. I'll be using them for our next adventure. For discount codes check: RetailMeNot! Another H 2 H!! Side note: if you only need a car for an hour Zipcar is still what you want!

Happy Driving,



Did you know? Turn the water off, while you brush, and we can all help save the planet one brush at a time! Happy Teething! S & C

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