Take a Load Off

Running around the city and having everything you need for your day, is a big enough task on it’s own. Now how can it all fit, and how can you find it? We have all stuffed our bags, and then you get to your destination and have to take everything out just to find your phone! My H 2 H this week, is my recently purchased Lululemon bag. Opens up so you can see it all, and there is even a pocket that says PHONE! Workout gear, a change of clothes, all that hair stuff to keep it tame, and well a girl has to have the essentials to put her face on, and it's made to carry up to 50lbs?! Check it out! Happy Carrying! S


Sometimes I need to shut down. Disconnect. Regroup. Recharge. Reset. Best way would be to lay on a beach in a place where I don't speak the language, but until then movie streaming is the best way to escape. Netflix and HBOGo/ HBOnow are my definite go to's. My H 2 H for the week - Wet Hot American Summer - the Netflix series. Watch it and then watch the actual movie if you haven't yet. You're Welcome!

Happy Watching!



Did you know that pink noise can help you sleep better? Elephants are one up on us! Check it out! Happy Colors! S & C

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