Green Strolling

I like to pretend I get it all in. But it's really hard to get all you need in your diet. Every so often I am convinced I don't need one, but it's only me who suffers in these brilliant moments of defiance! A multivitamin! Oh do I feel so much better when I am getting that extra boost. If you are low on energy definitely check in with your diet, but also see if you need to supplement it. My multivitamin H 2 H right now is: Ultra Mega Green, available for both women and men! Happy Boosting! S


My feet often need tender love and care. The H 2 H to keep my tootsies happy is Aerosoles! Comfort, that is stylish and can get me through any occasion. Whether I'm walking from 9-5 in some comfy flats or doing the Charlston is my awesome wedges at a wedding. Choose one that suits your style, your feet will love you for it. Happy Strolling C


Did you know it takes a while to replenish your iron when it's low? My doc let me in on the fact that it takes more than a few weeks of taking an iron supplement for my body to get back on its game. He even said two double up on days that I need to… (If you get my gist ladies.)

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