Take the Plunge

My H 2 H for the week, is going within. Acceptance of self is key, and gratitude to one's self is invaluable. You can't look outward to be thanked, if you search for it, it will not come, a watched pot never boils. But you can pat yourself on the back, you can ease your sleepless nights knowing you did everything you could. Sometimes, we can't reach for that quick fix, or feel good remedy, rather, we have to sit still and replenish ourselves with appreciation from our own hearts to ourselves. It's not selfish or conceited, it is just truth. Happy Selfing, S


A friend shared a little miracle in a tube with me a few weeks ago and it saved my body. My H 2 H this week is Biofreeze and it does exactly what the name promises. Temporarily freezes the pain away from achy joints and muscles. A word of advice, don't slather your whole body in it. If you do you will be shivering cold for about 30 minutes.

Happy Freezing, C


Did you know that the equivalent of "Break a leg" for a dancer is "Merde," which means shit in french? We all learn something new everyday ;)

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