Sweet Luxury

Early in the am, and you need a boost!! My fav way to start the day is with a smoothie. My H 2 H is my fool proof mango & blueberry smoothie. A quarter to half a cup of each (frozen), 1-3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (can be adjusted according to how yogurty you like it), about a cup of coconut water, and 3 seconds of honey (natural energy). The good news here is it doesn't have to be specific. Start your day off right, and blend into it! Happy Mixing, S


New York has many outlets where you can experience nature, like Central Park, and Riverside Park. My H 2 H this week is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Close to home for me, easily accessible by subway for all, and a unique opportunity to experience foliage in all the seasons in NYC. They do a great job at creating landscapes that are both picturesque and informative. My favorites are all the "common" gardens where they plant vegetables and herbs that are used regularly, if you cook (nod to Blue Apron). Gets me back in touch with nature and definitely a beautiful escape from the concrete jungle. Happy Seasoning! C


Did you know honey has a ton of benefits, from energy to being a cough suppressant Read on: HEY HONEY click on me! Happy Sugaring, S & C

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