Milking Your Money

My fav this week is a bank account! Yes, you read that right. More specifically my Made of Honor Account (MOHA). We all know weddings are expensive, and if you are in a wedding party you better count on some added expenses: dinners, presents, dresses, etc. That is why with my BFF getting married next year, you better believe I have started saving. A little bit goes a long. Drop $25 in an account every month for a year, and you'll probably still have to fork some more dough out, but a least you got a little saved up. Go the extra mile: I use my chase 1% cash back to build up my MOHA. Don't sleep on this Best Man, get a BMA (Best Man Account). Happy Honoring, S


To tame my natural tresses, I have discovered Carols Daughter. Made from natural ingredients; it moisturizes, but doesn't weigh my hair down, or leave it greasy. My favorite is the Hair Milk, it saves my mornings. And I've seen a significant amount of growth. Smells awesome too. Stay tuned for new do's in the coming months.

Happy Styling, C


Did you know that nail polish remover can get stains off your white kitchen counter? Happy Knowing! S & C

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