Playing with Fire

Home is where the heart is. And my heart is only alive when everything is serene. I strive to keep a balanced and harmonious environment in that precious space I lay my head down to rest every night. An essential to life for me are candles. Nothing is better on a chilly, dark day than coming home and sparking some light. Bonus are scented candles! I am recently obsessed with my H 2 H this week: sea spray by colonial candle. I love the memory of summer wafting throughout the air as I snuggle up on my couch, waiting for longer days and sand beneath my toes. Happy Lighting, S

Days of play are not over for us adults. My H 2 H for the week is Cards Against Humanity. A brilliantly filthy game, that brings laughter to any night in with friends. Find out how hilariously wrong your friends can be. You may discover a thing or two.

Happy Playing, C


Did you know garlic is great for your immune system? To smell or to be healthy? That is the question... Happy Knowing! S & C


Stay tuned for trivia Mondays on FB starting next week!

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