Bubbling with TLC

Whether you are a dancer or not, athlete or minimal worker outer, the foundation always likes a little TLC. SOAK YOUR FEET, make ‘em feel right again. A little warm water goes a long way. H 2 H this week is the warm water right out of your facet: soak up the heat. Stay warm as winter invades. Also keeping heat in your mid and lower body is optimal for health (on the spiritual side of things). Happy Soaking, S

Flowers are a girls best friend. Wait that's diamonds. Flowers are pretty awesome too. I love the way a nice bouquet brightens a room, so I get them from time to time for my home. Last week the guys at work brought me a nice bright bouquet and they were still alive Monday morning. So this week my H 2 H is flowers at work. Never thought of having flowers at my desk, it made Monday morning that much nicer.

Happy Blossoming, C

What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments! Let's make life a little more fun!

Did you know you can get your vitamin D from Salmon? The winter is coming, and we need to know these things! Happy Knowing! S & C

When was the last time you've been to www.TheArtistManual.com? Maybe it's time for you to check it out for the first or 100th time?!?! Maybe means yes in this case! Xx Your AM call

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