It's in Your Hands

I love lotions and potions, and have just found a new fav!!! Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion!!! Why you ask? Good question!!! As stated on the bottle "Soothes aches & muscle pains." Guess what?!?!?! It really works. I originally bought it thinking, "Sure you do Dr. Teal!" Yes with all the sarcasm in the world, but liking the idea of an EXCUSE to purchase a new product. But let me tell you, instantly my tired muscles felt relieved, and even more so throughout the day! Love the "Detoxify & Energize" with ginger & clay for day time nurturing and nourishing, while "Soothe & Soften," with lavender takes me into the good night. They have matching body washes too!!! Ahhhh yes, I love my lotions & potions. Hope you do too! Happy Relieving, S

It is easy to take for granted that we are always connected. This larger network that enables us all the wonderful conveniences like email from a watch, shopping from our phone, instant connection to anyone you've ever met through a network of faces, etc. etc. My H 2 H is simply the internet. I remember a time where I had to write down directions from a book and attempt to follow them while I drove. Now my phone tells me exactly how to get anywhere I need to go, while I FaceTime a friend, and shop for my groceries. So I take this time to acknowledge the ease of being connected at all times. It would be very easy for telecom companies, employers, or government to restrict what we can and cannot do. So while we have the freedom to do so; I am grateful.

Happy Surfing, C

What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments! Go on & have fun! Last week's question:

My favorite thing to do while watching a performance is:

a) Text b) Check football scores c) Browse the internet d) Nap e) Watch it! Unanimously E was the winner! Yay watching!!!

Did you know that wrapping the stems of your bananas with aluminum foil helps make them last longer?! Great tip from a dear cousin. Don't like putting aluminum foil on your food? No worries wrap with cling wrap first, then aluminum away!!! Happy Knowing! S & C

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