Dress in Luxury

Shake and sip at luxury. I love my carrot juice! Helps keep my diet balanced, and helps me get in a veggie serving that I may have missed along the way. I also love using carrot juice as my snack in-between meals, it staves away hunger without ruining my appetite for the next meal. There are so many benefits in carrots, the list really is endless. Some of my favorites are: anti-inflammatory, skin saver, immune booster, cancer preventer. You go carrot! You go straight into my belly! Happy Carroting S


When I cook, I usually prefer to make most things from scratch. But I realize that sometimes there is not enough time to make everything from scratch, especially when making a large meal for loved ones. So this week, I rekindled my love for Brianna's Home Style Salad Dressing. Specifically the Real French Vinaigrette. It is the perfect blend of vinegar, oil, and spices for a delicious, all natural, sugar free compliment to any home made salad. Happy Dressing, C


What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments! Go on & have fun!

Last weeks trivia question was:

My favorite random act of kindness to receive from a stranger is:

a) Wishing me a nice day b) Opening the door for me

c) Complimenting my outfit d) Picking up something I dropped (and giving it back to me) e) Letting me cut in line to check out first at the grocery store

Challenge : Pass on your favorite act of kindness to a stranger this week!

it's never too late pass on some kindness, if you didn't pass on your favorite act last week, do it this one :).


E seems to be our winner from last week, yet again!!!

Did you know that S & C are the same bra size!!! Like exactly! Now if you only knew what that size was…. Happy Knowing! S & C

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