The black stiletto is a must, provided you can handle it, no shame if you can't. I must confess, my closet never feels complete without one pair of these highly (no pun intended) impractical shoes. But's that's the fun, the "I shouldn't," about it! So get tall, and get on with the festivities! These babies are from Aldo, I was so torn about getting them, but I am so glad I did. You feel some kind a special prancing (although I recommend a slow steady walk) in them! Who needs a mountain? Bring the mountain to you!

Happy Hiking,



This holiday season, take a moment to look past the insanity of commercial instigation, and reach out to someone you love. Parent, aunt, second cousin, or a long lost friend. It is important to stay connected, even if a lot of time has passed since the last time you saw them. This weekend I called my mom and we watched the end of The Sound of Music together. Something we did when I was a kid. It is very easy for me to get swallowed in to the NYC grind, but my heart is happier when I reach out to those I love.

Happy Holidays,



What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments!

Go on & have fun!Last weeks trivia question was:

My favorite sport to watch is:a) Football (American), because It's in my blood to love this sport.b) Soccer, because I am Foreign cool.c) Hockey, because I grew up close to the Canadian border.d) Basketball, because so much action..e) Baseball, because I wanted to be an accountant, that didn't pan out, so I'll follow the stats and that's close enough.

We say Canucks, so hockey it is! One of us is Canadian after all!


Did you know (remember) that Home Alone came out in 1990….? Don't you feel old? You're welcome ;). Happy Knowing! S & C

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