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So kinda obsessed lately, and it's with temporary tattoos. I know, you might have thought that I left this faze back in the 90's… But no, I am more about them than ever. Cause they have gotten fancy! Temporary jewelry tattoos, there is nothing like them! A little water, and you are good to go for a couple of days. It's pretty awesome, and you don't have to worry about unravelling your favorite sweater: no hooks or dangling shenanigans. Yes, you have found something lighter than a feather. It just got real, from little kid to big kid. Some things just stick throughout your life! Happy Sticking, S


Dirty Bandits is my favorite human/artist/designer/friend on this planet. I have had the pleasure of having Annica's work grace my walls for nearly 10 years. But my H 2 H is her Calendar of Silly Holidays. They are real holidays and this years edition is awesomely colorful and bright. Get yours before the new year starts and pick your favorite holiday to celebrate. I will start by honoring Festival of Sleep Day on January 3rd.

Happy Silliness, C


What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments! Go on & have fun!

Last weeks trivia question was:

My dream holiday season would be spent:

a) On a beach, swimming! b) On a mountain, skiing! c) It not about where I am, it's who I'm with! d) In my pj's! e) A day of each, I'm a dreamer!

There ain't no wrong answer, but hey, we like to have it all.


Did you know that your knees absorb about 4x your body weight going down stairs?! Poor babies! Makes you reconsider how heavy your daily bag is… Don't it?! Happy Knowing! S & C

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