Yore Bananas

This may be my favorite breakfast yet! So simple, so yummy! Pancakes! But wait, these are not your typical ones… These luxurious babies, are made with two eggs and a banana. Just beat and mash. That's it! The sweetness of the banana cuts out the need for syrup. What more could I want in life? Nothing! Mornings are officially complete. Happy Delicousing, S


The comforts of home, come with the things that make us feel comfortable. My favorite mug holds coffee in the mornings, warm tea before bed, and every once in a while some wine in between. A friend gave me this mug years ago and it has survived a few moves, roommates, and many wash loads. I love it, because it is big and has one of my favorite characters on it. Hydration is key, and sometimes it matters what your liquid goes into.

Happy Mugging,



Did you know that eating spicy foods once a week can lower your risk of death by roughly 10%? Burn to live!

Happy Knowing!

S & C

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