One of the luxuries in life I am grateful to experience is the sense of smell. Scents waft through the air, and enhance experiences, as all senses do. We have power with scent, the power to choose, and create. The scent I have on, directly expresses my mood, or the mood I want to settle into. I never leave the house without a spritz or roll of something on. One of my staples is Euphoria by Calvin Klein, well right now specifically, Euphoria Gold. I generally love anything with Sandalwood or Amber in it, and sometimes I simply roll on some Amber oil. When I am really amping it up, the scent my wonderful sister in law got made for me in France off the description of my personality, is where it's at: it has amber too. Happy Scenting S


New year. New Goals. New You. Same me. With my many wants needs haves etc. I am constantly trying to find the next thing. The thing I'm good at. How do I add value to what I already do and know? So I decided to take stock of what those things are. What do I want to be better at? I was confronted with my limitations when working on Movement in C's next big thing, and was inspired to seek out more. Enter Codecademy. Free online classes where you can learn all coding languages in comprehensive form. HTML & CSS was a breeze. Now on to Java. The new year will be about reinventing the things that I already know and bettering my creative skills. Find what you already do and do more of it. If you love it, it stays. If not, find the next thing.

Happy Newing, C


What's this weeks trivia question? Check FB if you don't already know, and write your choice in the comments! Go on & have fun!

Last weeks trivia question was:

How I feel about 2015:

a) Can't feel my face b) Take me to church c) Where are you now d) Not letting go e) Ayo Were you honest in your responses?


Did you know that turmeric is a great aniti-flamatory? Happy Knowing! S & C

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