Clean to the core

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, May 5th & Friday, May 6th @ 7:30pm Movement in C takes the stage for two "what do you know about love" pieces at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse.


You may not want to talk about it, but this is definitely not the area to shy away from. Clean & fresh is the way to be, and you may need to add a step to be headed in the right direction. Cottonelle personal wipes, are a MUST! Add this to your daily bathroom routine. You can even buy those itty bitty packs that you can take with you almost anywhere. Try not to be step behind. Happy Freshing, S


When planning a wedding, yup I'm doing that, you read in every article, wedding site, planning guide that you need a health plan. Even my fiancé told me I needed a plan. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted for my health and my body, but needed an extra push. In steps best friend extraordinaire, Salma - yours truly from H 2 H above, getting her Pilates certification, and willing and open to train me as she strengthens her skills even more than the awesome teacher she already is. She is a kick-ass teacher. Fun and Firm. Laughing hurts while doing Pilates, but it is part of the package. Combined with a healthy diet I have lost a great deal of weight, I feel stronger, and things hurt less... That is until Salma switches it up, and it hurts oh so good. Find her!! You want her to help you on your fitness path. Do it!

Happy Salma-ing,


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