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SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, May 5th & Friday, May 6th @ 7:30pm Movement in C takes the stage for two "what do you know about love" pieces at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse.


The Pajama Pant!!! Essential, a must for a lazy Sunday, hooky kinda day, or just to stay warm when it gets so cold that life doesn't make sense. This pair is from American Eagle, which can have some pretty awesome sales. Love yourself in some loving, snuggle my waist, and drape me in comfort PJ pants. Have a break in the middle of the day? Slip into them for a nap, and really feel like you are escaping, far, far, far away. Get in to get out. Happy Snuggling, S


Security security security. It concerns all of us at some point. But don't get caught with a frozen debit card and no where to turn. Stay vigilant of your accounts, and alert your bank of large purchases or things that are unusual for your financial behavior. My bank was great in the past at catching a fraudulent charge and this weekend equally awesome at being in touch with me when they thought something unsavory was happening, though it wasn't. Plan to spend big or travel? Tell your bank! Happy Spending,



Did you know that red makes you hungrier? Yup, it increases your metabolism!!! Are you hungry yet?! Happy Knowing! S & C

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