Worries Wiped Away

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, May 5th & Friday, May 6th @ 7:30pm Movement in C takes the stage for two "what do you know about love" pieces at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse.

P.S for all the artists our there, have you checked out One Click? A playspace where performers and creatives can connect and make magic happen. Find collaborators, like minded folks, or assemble the perfect production crew.


The key to your apt/house looking extra clean? Floors. So often forgotten about, but they take the most abuse. They are the definition of getting down and dirty. Don't be caught with lack luster wood. Get sparkly floors with one tool. Swiffer, for dry and wet cloths, is my quick easy fix. Research shows that your floors can have traces of urine and feces, yup, that's what you are bringing through your home! Don't you wanna wipe up? Shine inside and out. Get glossy! Happy Swiffering, S


New Yorker's are no strangers to stress and anxiety. Those who know me well, know that I have battled my fair share of moments thinking that I was going to suffocate under a pile of life. But here is a natural solution for those of us who don't like taking pills. Lavender Oil. My H 2 H for the past few weeks. I rub a little on the inside of my wrist during the daytime. And at the bottom of my feet at night. The aroma is calming and relaxing. It is exactly what I need to continue to be my usual smiley self. And it helps me sleep too, which is a nice bonus. Happy Calming, C

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