Smart Deffusion

HAVE YOU SAVED THE DATE! Thursday, May 5th & Friday, May 6th @ 7:30pm Movement in C takes the stage for two "what do you know about love" pieces at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse. Buy Tickets Now!

If you would like us to share your next project on our NEW Community Shares section, message us on FB!

P.S for all the artists our there, have you checked out One Click? A playspace where performers and creatives can connect and make magic happen. Find collaborators, like minded folks, or assemble the perfect production crew.


Hey! Diffuse me! The DIFFUSER, a necessity for the curly haired folk. I love an air dry, but sometimes I don't have time at home to wait, and just want to look done when I am out my door. I have had mine for the last 10 yrs, and it's not super fancy or expensive, it's Revlon and from Duane Reade! Bonus tip: I am all about the big when it comes to wearing the curls, after you diffuse pull your hair gently from the roots with your hands for a little VA VA VOOM! Happy Blowing, S


The world at the tip of my fingers, my smart device functions as the go between me and everything else. Every thought that I have realized by just pressing a button. All the knowledge of the world stuffed in my pocket. Connections with friends, photo-editor, drawing pad, phone, camera, game center, all within seconds of my ADD. I sometimes have much issue with how connected we are. But this love hate relationship with my phone is just that. And I acknowledge that I love the convenience of everything in my pocket. My phone of choice for some years now has been the iPhone. No need to go into debate of which is better, it works for me and I will not let go!

Happy Phoning, C


Did you know that talking about working out, can make you feel a lil like you don't have to do it. Meaning, telling your bff about hitting the gym, can diffuse the motivation to go.

Don't talk about it, be about it, someone said that in a song once! It's true!

Happy Knowing!

S & C




New!!! Community Shares! Share the love, and love the share!

You can still check these out! CHECK 'EM OUT!

Sometimes you need to get away, and there is no opportunity to go far. Well you don't need to travel to the other side of the globe, Connecticut has a gem in Studio 80 + Sculpture grounds. Check it out! Major for Movement in C right now is our Indie go go campaign! We would be honored to have your help with "Original Love?" Check it out!

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