Emergency Aids

HAVE YOU SAVED THE DATE! Thursday, May 5th & Friday, May 6th @ 7:30pm Movement in C takes the stage for two "what do you know about love" pieces at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse. Buy Tickets Now!

If you would like us to share your next project on our NEW Community Shares section, message us on FB!

P.S for all the artists our there, have you checked out One Click? A playspace where performers and creatives can connect and make magic happen. Find collaborators, like minded folks, or assemble the perfect production crew.


Essential in a dancers life. And in my life it's ranking up there with breathing. Barefoot and a dancer on stage, I'm about to be. Last week I got a split on the bottom of my foot. I know, I know it's not sexy, but to keep me twirling for the show, I needed help. Nonchalantly and totally love worthy, enter new skin Liquid Bandage. It's helping hold the split together so I can hold the dancing together! Got a cut you need miraculously held together? This is your answer! Happy Holding, S


This May weather has been particularly wet and cold this year. This helps the cold and flu season thrive! Being around people in a small office or on the subway just leads to one gross environment, where we all have the opportunity to catch the latest ailment. I don't have time to be sick. So my H 2 H is emergenC. Delicious flavors and that huge boost of vitamin C. We all need to get through regular life or performance week without getting sick. Try it!

Happy C-ing, C


Did you know that the best day to scan your dating app is a Sunday evening?

Happy Knowing!

S & C

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