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P.S for all the artists our there, have you checked out One Click? A playspace where performers and creatives can connect and make magic happen. Find collaborators, like minded folks, or assemble the perfect production crew.


Shut it out! Bye world, I need a break. Whether you're stealing a midday nap, or going down for the night, give yourself darkness. The blacker the better. These funky new sleep masks I started seeing in the last few months are kinda genius. I can blink while my eyes stay cupped, it no longer matters if my shades do a crappy job of keeping the light out. Now say goodnight while you get enveloped in two universes, each eye gets its own world, for better sleep. I picked this one up at bed bath and beyond, I am dso Bucky, that's right, it's the brand.Happy




Planning a fun event, need a new hairstyle, need decor ideas, want to cook something new, planning a vacation...?! Anything, anything, anything, you can think of, you can find on Pinterest!!! I have slowly become obsessed with this app/site. It's been really helpful planning events, looking for gifts, changing my hair, apartment dreaming etc etc. It is clearly a beautiful compliment to my ADD. Dream up anything you love and have it come to life. Go ahead. Create a vision board and share it with your friends or the world.

Happy Pinning,



Did you know squinting f's up your running form. For reals, it causes stiffness in your neck and shoulders which translates through the body. Wear some stellar shades the next time you hit the pavement.

Happy Knowing!

S & C


Check this out: ​​ModArts Dance Collective is hosting it's first annual choreographer's festival this coming Friday and the next! Details here!

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