Oil It Up

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I love cooking at home! I hate waking up to the smell of last nights dinner. Open windows are fab, until you get to high bug season. Well your solution to sniffing whatever good stuff you'd ilke is my fav Oil Burner! A few dabs to match my mood at hand, and my apt smells like, Vanilla? Green Tea & Lemon? Sandalwood & Ginger? You name it. Light up your spirit, heighten your senses, and indulge in luxuries fragrances. I picked up mine at the Body Shop. They have a bunch of great scents and, great deals, like buy 3 and got one for free!

Happy Mooding,



New facial regime, New life. I have been moving into a dry skin part of my life. My face has seen the worst of it. So Beata, the wonderful aesthetician at Bliss (visit her!!) recommended Marula Oil. I've added it to my skin care routine along side the fabulous Shaffali Skincare products that we have shared in the past. I especially use it at night, as that is the best time for your skin to soak up moisture. I've noticed a new glow at the end of long usually gross face days. The oil is super light and doesn't feel heavy or sticky. I am a huge fan. Happy Moisturizing,C


Did you know cucumbers help reduce inflammation, swelling and bloat, because of their antioxidants?!

Happy Knowing!

S & C

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