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For my at home Pilates practice, I have to have my fav mat. I need something that inspires me. I went in search and found my lovely yoga mat on Amazon. I have had love for Zebra print even since I was a child. My mom had a coffee table and couch in the print, that I heart to this day. Even though for Pilates you may need a mat with a little more cushion for the pushing, I will forgo it for this baby. No excuse not to exercise, just get the tools that make you happy.

Happy Printing,



No one loves the dentist! So what I'm about to say may seem strange... I found a way to bring the dentist home!! And my mouth feels oh so good. I finally decided to invest in an electrical toothbrush. A bit behind the curve I admit, but how did I go my whole life without it?! I figured I would give it a try and I'm hooked. I've started with Oral B's trusted brand. My teeth feel as awesome as after a dental cleaning, but without all the fear...

Happy Brushing,



Did you know that bridesmaids and groomsmen used to dress up similarly to the happy couple to confuse evil sprits? This way the entities did not know who to harm.

Happy Knowing!

S & C

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